Mehta Estates Mohali – Real estate transaction has increased over the years quite a lot. Due to Mohali becoming the next big IT hub, Mehta Estates Mohali’s owner Ajey Mehta said the district’s monthly transaction average was Rs 500 crore, of which, developers account for 350 crore and the resale of property is 150 crores.

Across Mohali towns Derrabassi, Zirakpur, Mallanpur, and Kharar, Mehta Estates has projects for both commercial and residential. Ajey Mehta said Mohali has currently the highest number of real estate transactions in Punjab, followed by Ludhiana and Amritsar. Mohali is the most preferred destination for students because of the growth in the IT sector and hub.

Is it good to invest in Mohali?

As IT is growing in Mohali, many students shift to jobs here and it increases the demand in the real estate sector. Investing in Mohali pays off well for investors. A whole class of people who wish to spend the rest of their life in luxury is drawn to the villas in Mohali. Mehta Estates Mohali is a well-known real estate consultancy providing luxury or budget-friendly homes, and commercial properties all the things are taken care of by us.

Why buying a property in Mohali is a good decision rather than Chandigarh according to Mehta Estates Mohali.

Mohali has all the required infrastructure and top-tier facilities. As properties are now unaffordable for the majority of people in Chandigarh the buyers are now turning to Punjab’s capital satellite town of Mohali. Chandigarh tax rates have increased over the years and conversion charges have jacked up the cost of its property. The collector rate is the lowest price for which the property has been registered. The administration makes corrections, and it is updated annually. Now, this rate is disproportionately higher than the actual cost of the property in many parts of Chandigarh.

Comparing the rates in Chandigarh and Mohali Mehta Estates claimed that around the 250 square meter plot in Mohali costs between 10 lakhs to 90 lakhs whereas a property of the same size in Chandigarh is around 4.2 crore. December 2009, the UT administration has not held an auction for its residential or commercial properties. Since then, the administration has repeatedly suggested holding auctions, but the idea was never implemented.

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